Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Traffic Jam Thoughts (by Judy)

As I was stuck in traffic last week, I began to pay attention to the car in front of me. It was from Texas, and it proclaimed the faith of the owner, loud and clear. As you can see from the photo, lettering on the back door invites people to “Come just as you are,” and the license plate said “PRAYZM.” I had to think about that one for a minute, but since the lights changed and the traffic didn’t move, I had time to figure out the owner likes to “Praise Him.” Clearly the owner talks the talk. Only God knows whether he also walks the walk.

I began to think about the Bible, and Peter in particular. I LOVE that man who talked the talk sort of; and walked the walk, sort of! He is so human. Let me ask you – what is he best known for? Aside from his being a fisherman, one of the first called by Jesus to leave the Sea of Galilee and become a fisher of man, what comes to mind? One reader may answer – I know, he is the one who denied Jesus three times before the rooster completed his daily crowing. Another reader may answer that he was the first one to declare that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. A third reader may say that his name Peter (Petros, meaning Rock, or actually Rocky) was given by Jesus for he was a solid no-nonsense man who could be counted on to further the Church. A fourth reader may say that Jesus likened his behavior to Satan’s and had to ask him three times to please, please feed His sheep.

Clearly, here was a man who had “talk the talk” ambiguities, but did he “walk the walk”? Well, his most famous walk was on water, but when worries slipped in, despite this miraculous feat and the fact that Jesus was with him, he began to sink. He took a hike up a mountain with Jesus and watched with his own eyes as Jesus was joined by Moses and Elijah; and then wildly suggested that three buildings be constructed to commemorate the occasion, not realizing that Jesus stood alone. He allowed Jesus to wash his feet as a sign of humility, and then eagerly suggested that Jesus wash his hands and head!

What a comfort it was to consider this man of contradictions while the traffic slowly began to move. He talked the talk out of both sides of his mouth, as I so often do. He walked to the heights and sank to the depths, as I so often do. He is a case study in falling down and picking himself up again, sure of the love and forgiveness that belongs to his Lord, Savior and close personal friend. And remember - he was chastised by Jesus for having little faith, but he got out of the boat when the other 11 cowered. What a perfect example of trust - and grace!

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  1. I was asked for "a few dollars for food" in the grocery store parking lot last week. I'm going to blog about my experience as an example of making a decision to 'walk the walk.'