Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Who knows where the time goes?" (by Judy)

Oh my goodness – where has the time gone? Isn’t that a constant refrain, especially as we grow older - though Judy Collins asked the question in the title in the 1970s. I say this first because it has been 1 month since Carolyn posted her last blog, and our agreement is that we will rotate responsibility, trying to post once a week. Sigh. No excuses worth typing. But such a disgraceful lag on my part has given me the subject – how we spend our time.

I am part of a prayer group, and once a week we gather to honor our Lord with words of adoration. We also confess those sins we are able to speak out loud. We thank God for His bountiful blessings, which is always the easiest part of this time together. And finally we offer prayers of supplication for individuals, groups, our nation and the world. Though there are many common themes, one of the most consistent, I type with chagrin, is confession that we do not give God our first fruits. We fit Him in during chaotic days and nights where with exhaustion we fall into a deep sleep. He is not our All in All, but too often our Sometimes, When Convenient.

This disgraceful inattention to the most important matter in my life was brought home as I walked home from grocery shopping one day recently. I passed the beautiful church across the street, and saw a placard advertising a new service on Sundays. The words shocked me, and caused me to lament anew our worldly priorities. Honoring God once a week, setting aside a day of Sabbath rest, is not only a commandment, but a timetable that God modeled for us in the Book of Genesis. The first bullet point, best marketing position, says it all: the promise of a half hour service. In and out, on your way. I love you, Lord. Now time to play.

The familiar hymn “Crown Him with Many Crowns” sings, “Crown him the Lord of Years, the Potentate of Time….” Psalm 31 says, “My times are in your hands.” A concordance provides many other references to God’s time. This blog entry is more a rueful meditation on how I spend my time, and what my priorities are. There is one thing I know – every time I sit down, set aside the world and listen to God, I am blessed beyond words. My thanksgiving is that I still have Today!

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  1. What a hard hitter when I find myself so guilty of this. "In and out and on my way. I love you Lord, now time to play." Wow. I am extremely grateful for the inspiration you felt as you wrote this column, Judy and I feel the conviction I was intended to feel. "All in all, please, Lord, not sometimes when convenient." Amen