Friday, January 6, 2012

God's Work in Progess by Carolyn

Shocking! I am humbled by the power of God to make old things new; to refresh and renew what was stale and old and ready for the trash. Today is a day for praise and thanksgiving and I am so motivated to share my joy. And yet, I wait in awesome wonder anticpating what God will do.

I have a sister-in-law who had given up. She didn't care whether she lived or died. She was bitter, hurt, despondent and unable to function. Her dear, precious, son due to circumstances beyond his control, drank himself to death at age 34. One night, after months of drinking herself into sleepy numbness, she awakened and could not move her legs. My brother called the ambulance and they admitted her to the psychiatric unit at the local hospital where she stayed for 10 days.

God's angels in the form of a husband who loved her, counselors, AA, social workers, nurses, doctors and a team of people, family and friends who cared for her, brought her back from the abyss. All those angels and God Himself turned her around and pointed her in the RIGHT direction. She now has a will to live that is nothing short of miraculous.

My daughter-in-law had a lost childhood. It couldn't be found. For years she knew something was missing, but she didn't know what. She had been robbed of her sense of worth and well being. But nothing is impossible with God. Though she doesn't know it was God Himself who found the pieces for her and gave them to her, she will one day. I have no doubt.

Two women who have been transformed by the power of God. Two women who once were lost but by God's grace are being found! One day they will know and acknowledge their Savior. One day not only will their eyes be opened to their new lives, but to the One and ONLY God who can renew life and bring people back from the dead. They will discover they have been born again. I know it. One day, they will know it too. In the meantime, how I praise my Lord and Savior for His love and compassion on my family!

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  1. I pray for both these women, so important in your life. I know you do too - and we know the power of prayer. God's timing is perfect, but He is moving for sure.