Friday, March 2, 2012

Ramblings by Carolyn

Lately, my mind has been shuttling back and forth between retirement, commitment, and recreation.

After 44 years of marriage to a man who has gone off to work every weekday, what's coming when he doesn't? Oh, there were years when we both worked, years when we didn't, but there have never been years when we were home together each day. We love each other, but we have lives of our own too. Our weekends have always been very special because they are weekends. What happens when each day is a weekend? What does he want? What do I want? Do we want the same things? We talk about it, but come to no conclusions. We will be re"creating" our lives and our life together. We are very grateful and blessed to have this opportunity, but honestly, it's a tad unnerving!

We know what we don't want. We don't want to waste our retirement years not moving about because it is too hot. We don't want to be indolent. We don't want nothing to do. (Double negative, but meaningful) Neither plays golf or harbors any great plans to see the world. He is not taking an early retirement, but we still have plenty of energy, are healthy and reseasonably alert. One thing we do know is every couple is different and must settle this for themselves.

What's left? Commitment. Certainly, we are committed to each other. We want the best for one another as long as we have each other. We are committed to something outside ourselves. He worked all those years not only for his own sake, but for our family's sake and for his company's sake too. His desire to do something for someone else won't change.

As a Christian, my purpose falls under the Great Commission of Mark 16:15, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." I quickly add with words or without!

That's not a bad way to conclude this blog. Though we may not know what form our retirement will take, we do know we have a purpose not only enjoy our chidren and grandchildren and what's left of life, but to be of some benefit to others, to give back. Now, that makes sense!


  1. This whole post makes sense. The thing I am thinking is that retirement is just a continuation of what we are already doing, but in different form. If our lives had no meaning before retirement, then nothing will change - and the opposite - if our pre-retirement years are fulfilling, we will just continue a different way. I know that each of our days now is full, much of it focused on our faith. So why would that fall away? Therein lies my confidence. The only unnerving part is not seeing the direction clearly. For that, we must trust that God will use us. He defines our purpose!

  2. "Trust God." Two of the most confidence building words in our language!