Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sidewalk Signs (by Judy)

I had a most amazing experience this morning, so filled with blogging possibilities that I hardly know where to begin. It was a huge reminder that God is everywhere! All I have to do is pay attention. It started when I decided to exercise by taking a power walk around my neighborhood, rather than heading to the gym. I headed out the door, and a few houses down, my eyes were drawn to the sidewalk. Written with white chalk were two letters – GO!

 I chuckled and continued, giving the exhortation little thought. But the next word really rattled me, because it is a word I wrestle with often – “Thankful.” How easy it is for me to give thanks when my life is a joyful one. I am happily married, with two happily married children, and six beautiful grandchildren. My house is a warm yellow, reflecting my attitude toward life right now, as I head into retirement and the possibilities that await. I have health to take the morning walk, and senses to hear the birds and smell the sweet flowers. But what about when things are different. Will I be able to “Give thanks in all circumstances,” as my Bible calls me to do?

 As I continued my walk, my world became more and more surreal. Words popped up from the sidewalk in various neon colors – pink and blue, green and yellow – “Smart,” followed by “Happy,” “Trustworthy,” “Inspiring,” “Nice," Positive.” I was so entranced that I was afraid to take a turn, for fear I would lose my direction. But then I saw, “Keep it up.” Later, “Almost there,” and I was swept into the prison where Paul wrote, “I have fought the good flight, I have finished the race, I have remained faithful.” Would my unknown inspirer say the same about me? What an encourager was drawing me forward. Am I that kind of person to those who are flagging?

 The words continued – “Kind,” “Genuine,” and the cute “Huggy” and “Crazy.” Even those took me to my faith as I reflected about hugging my neighbor, especially the one hardest to hug, and wondering whether anyone would see in me the crazy love that Jesus shows to those who heed His words. Suddenly, the words stopped with the final command – “Meet at the door.” Where? What door? Meet whom? I do know one door, the one in the Book of Revelation: "Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” 

Now it is raining. I suspect the words are washed away. But I have preserved on my iPhone which I always carry as I walk. I have the reminder that each word offers, and above all, I have the reminder that God has promised those five words from the beginning of time – “I will be with you.” I am sure glad I didn’t go to the gym!n j


  1. What an unusual experience! Who wrote those words? Why? Obviously, they had a public plan even though it may have had a private start. How often does that happen? We begin with a lesson for us and we extrapolate a lesson for all! God blessed you and your unknown benefactor!

  2. Time to carry your chalk along with you to write your own messages.