Friday, January 8, 2010

In the beginning (by Carolyn)...

Carolyn : This is my first adventure into the new world of blogging. It is fascinating. But, as intriguing as it is, nothing is as compelling as the Bible and coming to know and understand, even in my limited way, Jesus as a Savior, brother, and friend.

The Bible is relevant to every venture I undertake and this one is no different. I have discovered that the Bible is written in One Voice. No matter how many human hands, heads and hearts helped out, each was inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God hovering over him. No matter where you turn in it, it is the voice of God you hear.

In getting ready for this posting I opened my Bible randomly and my eyes fell upon a story I love because it is so odd. It comes from 2Kings 6:1-7. A company of prophets has told Elisha that the place they meet with him is too small. They suggest going to the Jordan River where they can each get a pole and build a place there. Elisha tells them to go. They implore him to come too and he joins them.

As they begin cutting down trees, an iron axehead falls into the water, and one of them cries out in fear, "Oh! It was borrowed!"

Elisha asks, "Where did it fall?" When shown the place, Elisha cuts a stick and throws it in the water and makes the iron float. He tells the man to lift it out and the man does.

See? Isn't this a wonderful story? Isn't it odd? What does it mean? Let's talk! This is the story that will begin my blogging with you!